More details on the SOLO Experience

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More details on the SOLO Experience

I strongly believe that it is futile to share what one is is not able to practice and reflect in ones own life. Based on this, the SOLO team has been carefully selected.

The SOLO Experience utilises the intrinsic beauty of nature and its healing potential in Plettenberg Bay, situated on the famous Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa.

It is an originally designed process, created to deepen our experience of Self and our relationship with life. The SOLO Experience offers 3 and 5 day residential programs, structured around individual or group needs.

The SOLO Experience is ideal for:

  • For anyone wanting a deeper connection with, and  undertanding of, themselves.
  • For alcoholics or addicts who have at least 3 months continuous sobriety
  • For family members/ significant others, who struggle with their own issues, related to having an alcoholic / addict in their lives.
  • For people who are tired of all the drama of failed relationships, jobs that do not fulfill them, problems with their partners, children, spouses, family and stress with co-workers.


The SOLO Experience creates a breathing space to get things into perspective and where we can replenish, restore and rejuvenate ourselves from the inside out.

  • It is a 3 or 5 day structured facilitated daily process
  • A carefully selected team of individuals who all have vast experience in their respective fields
  • It provides a safe space where you are supported throughout the experience
  • Even though the process is challenging at times, we discover a profoundness of feeling of who we are.


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