The SOLO Musical Visual Experience

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The SOLO Musical Visual Experience

The SOLO Musical Visual Experience  is designed to inspire and connect us to our feelings in a unique way.

This  has been powerful and healing for many people who have experienced this over the last few years:

Feedback from program participants

  1. “I definitely made a connection with the ocean and dolphins, and will be more conscious of  nature and our environment. I think everbody should experience this at least once in their life.”
  2. “I had tears running down my face and was so overcome by the beauty of what I was watching and listening to . I have always been drawn to dolphins over the years and really felt this today. Thank you !”
  3. “The stories/movie and especially the music, somehow put me back in touch with myself that has been so lost for so many years. I feel like I can breath again and can step into my life with a renewed commitment to really living again.”
  4. “Davids passion and stories really communicated…the music and visuals blend together perfectly and left me feeling peaceful and connected to nature in a more meaningful way.  I will always remember this .”


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