The SOLO Experience changes lives, outlooks and relationships. See what previous attendees have to say about their rewarding and positive experiences…


The Solo experience has a magic to it. It has made the smoky mirror through which I see and experience myself clearer. Openly sharing my life with others has allowed me to see my reflection through their eyes. The groups’ honesty and care has made me aware of my unconscious patterns and habitual ‘games’. Every single day I am deeply grateful to this sometimes painful process. The Solo experience has made me brave enough to take responsibility for my life and commit to grow into a healthy conscious woman who loves herself.”

Comment from a Business Woman [Childhood Abuse Survivor]
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I am truly grateful to my experience of The Solo Experience’s firm, yet empathic and caring guidance and support on my continuing journey through my recovery and my life.”

Comment…. from a Professional Person [Recovering Addict and Eating Disorder.]
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I have experienced this process as a very positive one and was moved by the courageousness of the Solo group members sharing.I realise that I need to do more work on how I am in a group, so that I do not freeze.I would like to be more at ease and spontaneous.”

Comment from a University Graduate [Alcoholic Family member]
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The Solo Experience has been extremely helpful. It has helped me face areas in my life that I really need to. The process has aided me in pushing myself just that bit further. I was left with the knowledge that right now I can and am able to face my fear of aloneness and work myself out of a sick codependent relationship or two…”

Comment from a Business person [ in Codependent Relationships.]
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I am surprised to actually start noticing the difference[s] in how I handle and approach people and situations after my Solo Experience.I feel excited for the future knowing that my old ways are just that..old ways… I have such appreciation for those people who have shared and helped me through my ‘stuff’. Thank you Helen and all who have shown me my ‘blind spots’ and helped me move forward.”

Comment from a Corporate Business Person…[Burnout]
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I have touched on so little, there is so much more digging to do. I have learned to not be so hard on myself… To accept reality… I am left feeling stronger… I will miss everybody who has been on the Solo Experience with me.”

Comment from a Mother[ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]
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I realise after this Solo Experience… I need a lot more of this – the personal growth has been amazing for me.”

Comment from an Administrator[Relationship breakdown]
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It’s tough , but it’s good and it’s beautiful. It stretches and grows me. “
Comment from a Business person[child hood trauma]